Our focus in the Caucasus is not on the mountains or classical attractions but rather on people and their culture. So whenever there’s an issue to resolve, we know where to seek help.
We are enthusiastic about it all: Sufi practices, Salafi ideas, and drinking rituals. We are into Caucasian art and have experience organizing recitals of Caucasian ethnic music, exhibitions of traditional and contemporary art, and being intermediaries in selling art objects and antiques.

We have worked on various documentaries as directors, producers, and fixers, organized photo shootings and large photo tours. We have helped journalists and authors investigate and do research for footages, articles, and books.
01Organizing interviews with residents of South Ossetia for Moving Theatre project from London
Moving Theatre, a private company from London, asked us to organize a tour in South Ossetia. They wanted to talk to ordinary people of different social backgrounds, nationalities, personality, and age.
02Production of American TV show in North Caucasus
We generated a dozen of ideas and made sure they could be accomplished, such as meeting the President of Ingushetia Republic, filming wingsuit flying between two medieval towers and a party with Ossetian underground artists...
03Organizing blog tour for young Instagram celebrities
A group of Instagram bloggers asked us to organize a tour in one of the Caucasian regions to make content for their blogs. we opted for North Ossetia. We took the group to the top attractions of the republic: highland villages in the Digoria Gorge, “The City of the Dead” in Dargavs, and a dozen others. We also visited the nearby regions – South Ossetia and Ingushetia.
04Organizing filming for Indonesian “Jazirah Islam” project
Our team suggested ideas for filming in Dagestan, mapped out the itinerary, organized logistics, found protagonists in highland auls, and worked as interpreters throughout the filming days.
05Organization of photography of Sufi Dhikrs
British photographer Christopher Roche takes photos of Dhikrs–Sufi ritual practices throughout the world. He asked us to organize filming of Dhikrs in Chechnya...
06Producing film about Elbrus
Swiss director Eric Bergkraut asked us to produce the filming of his documentary about Elbrus. The focus of the film was on the lifestyle of people living in the area as well as the mountain per se...
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