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Organization of photography of Sufi Dhikrs
30 March – 8 April 2017

British photographer Christopher Roche takes photos of Dhikrs–Sufi ritual practices throughout the world. He asked us to organize filming of Dhikrs in Chechnya...


The way to conduct Dhikr is determined not by nationality, but by belonging to one of Sufi brotherhoods. A few forms of male and female Dhikrs are practiced in the Caucasus. This practice exists in Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, and the Pankissi valley in Georgia.

We arranged for Christopher a trip across all these regions, not just Chechnya as he requested, to show him a maximum variety of Dhikrs. You can see the photos on his web-site

I traveled through the north Caucasus with Caucasus Explorer earlier this year. Dimitry put together an excellent tailor made tour for me and Vlad, my guide, was an encyclopedia of knowledge. These guys know this area intimately and introduced us to great contacts along the way.

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