Don’t feel like traveling with strangers or none of our signature tours suits you? We could design any route customized to your wishes. Trekking from the Caspian to the Black sea – it’s easy! A gastronomy tour with workshops and visiting top-notch restaurants and farms – you might already pack up. An ethnography tour focused on local music, attending religious rituals on the day of Ashura, or getting acquainted with different kinds of Dhikr – off we go, we’ve already got all the contacts!
In your circle and on suitable dates
Want to go to the Caucasus with a company of friends or family on the dates that are convenient for you on a customized route? Great!
We can run a few tours simultaneously. There is no bad season in the Caucasus and even in the winter. Autumn in Caucasus is mild, and summer is long, which makes it possible to go trekking in September and October. And we’ll find comfortable transport suited for a group of any size – a jeep for small groups or a minibus.
We follow your interest
We’re sure that the key ingredient of an awesome journey is understanding the guest’s interests, expectations, and needs before the tour starts. That’s why we’ll ask you a dozen of questions before the trip. We’ll learn what you’re passionate about, whether you’d rather go trekking or hiking, how intense should the journey be and what you absolutely don’t like and we should avoid. The more we know, the better we’ll be able to organize the trip.

If you’re into Persian art, you will be introduced to different artisans and handicrafts that have been on the scene in the Caucasus since the times of the Persian rule. We’ll take you to the archives of Persian manuscripts and arrange meetings with rug collectors and art experts. If you’re keen on martial arts, we could arrange a meeting with top MMA fighters from Chechnya and Dagestan, visit schools where they have been training, or organize a sparring session.
And maybe you’re tired of talk and everyday life and just want to enjoy silence in the mountains? Then we will arrange a trip with no people around, just animals – deer, buffaloes, or bisons. You will be alone with yourself and your thoughts during many kilometers of trekking.
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request a private tour
request a private tour
Don’t feel like traveling with strangers or none of our signature tours suits you? Call us! We can design any route customized to your wishes.
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