South Ossetia
In 2009 – 2012 we made a few research expeditions and visited almost every corner of South Ossetia. To get a feel for the country and meet local people we were hitchhiking or walking.
Moderate in size, South Ossetia has valleys with profuse gardens and vineyards, ample alpine meadows, and stark highlands. The volcanic highland of Keli with its awe-inspiring lakes is the top attraction. Christian architecture and the watchtowers of highlanders are the most remarkable historic landmarks. The inhabitants of the area hold on to the most authentic Ossetian rural culture, and the national religion tradition has intertwined with Christianity.

From 2011 to 2020 we organized 28 tours in South Ossetia for Russian and foreign tourists. We keep on exploring the country, studying historical literature, and monitoring the news from Ossetia. It’s not an easy task to make sense of the controversial perspectives of Ossetian, Georgian, and Russian scholars, of the witnesses’ evidences of the events dating back to the 90s and 2000s. Our travels and research culminated in an interactive online guidebook and signature tours of Ossetia.
useful information
The largest Russian city close to Tskhinvalis Vladikavkaz that you can reach by plane or train from Moscow or St. Petersburg. If you’re coming from abroad and would rather avoid the Russian capitals, search for the options of flying via Istanbul to the airport of MineralnyeVody or Grozny – these North Caucasian cities are located not far from Ossetia. A decent asphalted highway leads from Vladikavkaz to Tskhinval through the Roki Tunnel.
Russian citizens can enter the republic with their national or foreign passports. They don’t stamp your passport anyway, so you’re not likely to have any problems on your next visit to Georgia.

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