Krasnodar Krai & Adygea
Krasnodar Krai isn’t directly associated with the Caucasus, even though it is home to the Caucasus Nature Biosphere Reserve, the largest in the region, the auls of the Circassians (one of the most autochthonous peoples of the Caucasus) have survived. Also It's worth to come here for the good wine and ski slopes!
The reserve is part of the Western Caucasus (protected by UNESCO) and is the largest mountainous territory in Europe that hasn’t been significantly impacted by people. That’s one of the few places on the planet where a wild population of bisons is preserved.

Near the reserve there’s a drowsy settlement of woodcutters called Mezmay which had been virtually abandoned in the 90s but came to life with the arrival of yogis and downshifters reconnecting with nature in the mountains. Trails for easy trekking with scenic views were laid out around the town.
Skiing, beaches and wine
The ski pistes of Krasnaya Polyana one-hour drive from the subtropical parks and beaches of Sochi is a better-known part of Krasnodar Krai, and a remarkable one due to that contrast. Winemaking is thriving in the region, and dozens of small private companies producing wine from obscure local grape varieties have emerged alongside large-scale producers.
Adyghe people
Krasnodar Krai incorporates Adygea, the only enclave region in Russia. Authentic mountain villages referred to as ‘auls’, oasises of the Adygean (Circassian) culture, still exist here. There you could meet experts in Adygean ethnography, nationalist repatriates who returned home from the Middle East countries, and common peasants.
useful information
Krasnodar Krai has two international airports – one is Krasnodar and the other in Sochi. In beach season planes fly from all the corners of Russia to the airports of Gelendzhik and Anapa. In high season dozens of extra trains bound for the Black Sea Coast are launched. However, tickets should be bought in advance, because in high season they might be hard to get even in the less comfortable third-class sleepers that travel for two-three days. A new double-decker train departs daily from Moscow to Sochi and takes you to the resort in less than 24 hours. M4 Don highway was reconstructed by the Olympic Games in Sochi, and now the greater part of 1500 kilometers from Moscow to Krasnodar is a comfortable toll road. That increases the number of holidaymakers driving to the Black Sea.
Krasnodar Krai is part of Russia, so in most cases a Russian visa will be enough. A permit to the border area is required only if you’re hiking close to the borders of Russia and Abkhazia. If you have bought our tour, obtaining a permit is our concern.

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