This tour will give you the opportunity to capture the most beautiful scenes and landscapes of the North Caucasus, accompanied by one of the best photographers in Russia. We will focus on regions that are yet unknown to most of the world, but which are certain to become major destinations for photographers in the future. Some of the main highlights of this tour are the views of Mount Elbrus and other rocky ranges, the sunsets of North Ossetia, and the stately defensive towers of Ingushetia. But that’s not all! The incredible cultural diversity of the North Caucasus will give you plenty of opportunities to capture fascinating photo essays and stories.

 We will mostly travel by all-road cars, which are specially made to traverse mountains. But don’t worry, we won’t stray too far from civilization, as every leg of the journey will include nights spent in good hotels, and endless dinners of delicious Caucasian cuisine. Due to the cars, we also won’t have to worry about carrying our photography equipment for long distances.

In the Caucasus comfort and rugged wilderness exist in close proximity, so get ready for a wonderful and exciting adventure!