The North Caucasus, despite its relatively small territory, is one of the few places in the world where you can learn a variety of religious traditions and see some impressive rituals such as Ossetian prayers, Dhikrs (devotional acts in Islam) of various Sufi communities, and Shia mourning rituals on the day of Ashura.

 This trip is designed specifically for cultural anthropology and ethnography experts and enthusiasts. Our trip is for those who are ready to sacrifice comfort and delicious lunch for the sake of visiting a unique ritual that no more than a dozen experts have seen before you. This trip is for the responsible people who respect other cultures and certainly for the photographers. You will get a unique chance to take amazing photos.

But there’s much more to the trip. We will come a long way from North Ossetia to Dagestan, enjoy nature, acquaint ourselves with the culinary heritage of the peoples of the Caucasus, see traditional crafts and incredible architectural works in the mountains.
All the rituals we are going to see are 100% real, not that fake stuff artificially created for tourists. There are no arrangements, they occur naturally. Therefore, our trip might be modified.