Visa to Georgia
The visa policy of Georgia is quite liberal, allowing citizens of 94 countries to enter, reside, work and study in Georgia without the necessity to obtain either a visa or a residence permit.
Georgian visa obtained in Swiss embassy of Moscow, Russia.
Do I need visa for visiting Georgia?
Check the official list of countries which citizens (and stateless persons permanently residing in the countries) are able to enter and/or stay in Georgia, or travel through the territory of Georgia withouta visa for the period of one year. If your country is on the list, then your passport will be stamped on the border. No other formalities are needed.
If you are required to obtain a Georgian visa
If your country is not listed, go to the the official Georgian e-visa site and follow instructions. The process is also described in a short and fun movie:

Visiting Abkhazia and South Ossetia
If allowed into the country, by Georgian law you can only visit regions within Georgian territory. Meaning that you can only visit Abkhazia, as the border to South Ossetia is closed. For visiting Abkhazia you will need an Abkhazian visa, but it should not be glued into your passport.
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More information
Get more details about the Georgian visa at the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia website.

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