Visa to Armenia
Armenian visa. Photo: Lady Ann.
Most foreign visitors of Armenia must obtain a visa, but it is a really easy process which takes a few minutes and can be completed online or upon arrival at the airport in Yerevan.
Do I need visa for visiting Armenia?
Check the official list of countries which citizens are able to enter and stay (or travel through) Armenia without a visa for up to 180 days. Please mention the passport type! If your country is on the list, then your passport will be stamped on the border when you arrive to Armenia. No other formalities are required.
If you are required to obtain an Armenian visa
If your passport type is required to have an Armenian visa you can obtain the visa upon arrival at Zvartnots International Airport, or at the land borders for a maximum stay of 120 days with a cost of 15,000 AMD (roughly 40 USD). You are also eligible to apply for an e-visa. E-visas allow applicants to stay up to 120 days or 21 days with a $31 or $6 fee.

There is also a list of countries which nationals can only apply for visa by invitation.
Visiting Nagorno Karabakh
For visiting Nagorno-Karabakh you will need a Nagorno Karabakh visa, which you can get in Yerevan or Stepanakert. For more details read this full article about the Nagorno Karabakh visa.
More information
Get more details about the Armenian visa at the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia website.

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